Injured monkey rescued from Karachi's Korangi

It has been moved to Islamabad
Aug 22, 2021
Photo: The Associated Press
Photo: The Associated Press

The Sindh Wildlife Department has sent a monkey, rescued from Karachi's Korangi five days ago, to Islamabad for rehabilitation.

The animal was rescued from a warehouse last week where it was chained and kept in illegal possession. "The monkey, called Lucky, had a minor arm injury," the department tweeted on Sunday.

It was kept at a nursery for five days. It was discovered that Islamabad's forests were one of the habitats of the monkey after which the SWD contacted the Islamabad Wildlife Department.

After seeking permission, Lucky was moved to Rawalpindi through a train late Saturday night. "According to the latest information, Lucky has reached the authentic staff of Islamabad Wildlife and it has been taken care of," the department added.

In Pakistan, monkeys are found in the forests of Murree, Swat, Azad Kashmir, Chitral, Hazara and Malakand Civil Divisions. Poachers capture their children, endangering their offspring.

Last month, the wildlife department raided a circus in Karachi's Naval Colony. One fishing cat, one honey badger, one hyena, one civet cat, two Indian pythons, two jackals, and four porcupines were rescued.

According to the Sindh Wildlife Protection Act, 2020, keeping wild animals, especially carnivores, in circuses is prohibited, while captive breed herbivores that are pets can be given conditional permission for educational purposes.

Wild animals play a beneficial role as long as they live in their environment. Capturing animals is both dangerous for the ecosystem, as well as humans.


Sindh Wildlife Department

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