Aima Baig’s photo proves no filter is the best 'detox'

Singer says it feels 'amazing'
Photo: Instagram/Aima Baig
Photo: Instagram/Aima Baig
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Aima Baig has left her fans and followers gushing over her no-filter photos from her trip to the north. 

“Since everybody has been sharing photo dumps on Instagram, I couldn’t resist, I wanted to feel cool too,” said the singer, sharing a photo of her smiling.

Aima headed up north last week and didn’t use her phone there as much as she usually does. She applied neither makeup nor beauty filters to her face.

“People should try this detox more often,” she said. “It feels pretty amazing.”

Celebrities are often appreciated when they share photos without makeup or filters and encourage their admirers to embrace themselves the way they are and not try to achieve unrealistic beauty standards. 

Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, expressed concerns over young women’s increasing dependence on beauty filters and said that she was fed up with them because they “sell lies”. 

“I look at my daughter, she’s nine,” she told Sky News. “She thinks it is normal to use filters and I don’t like that.”

Huda wanted influencers and beauty brands to put out a disclaimer or hashtag with photos that have been edited, because people must know that they have been digitally enhanced. Without doing so, people are being sold lies, she added. It can damage both self-confidence and self-esteem.

Actor Hania Aamir has a rather different take on filters. She thinks there is nothing wrong with using them unless there is pressure to do so. 

“If I want to use a beauty filter because I want to, it’s fine,” said Hania, adding that filters have now become a part of everyone’s life.

Huda believes the problem with using filters arises when you fail to recognise a person because they look unrealistic and this is what is deemed "beautiful".

According to a report by Technology Review, filters have changed the way young women see themselves as they allow them to change their appearance and even look like the celebrities whose looks they fancy.

It stated that women have become subjects in an "experiment" showing how people represent themselves in the digital space, create their own identities, and interact with others. A Snapchat spokesperson revealed that 200 million users transform the way they look daily.

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Aima Baig

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