Islamabad’s Polyclinic Hospital falls short of anti-rabies vaccines

Patients are being asked to get it from private stores
Aug 10, 2021
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Islamabad’s Polyclinic Hospital has run out of anti-rabies vaccines and patients are being asked to buy them from private medical stores.

One dose of the vaccine costs Rs680 at the National Institute of Health (NIH) while at private medical stores, the same vaccine is sold for Rs930.

Aqeel-ur-Rahman, a dog-bite victim, told Samaa Digital that after being attacked and injured by a dog on early Saturday morning he visited the Polyclinic Hospital to get vaccinated but he was informed that the anti-rabies vaccine was out of stock. He had no option but to get one from a private pharmacy in Blue Area.

Aqeel went through the same on his visit to the hospital for his second dose and this time he had to go to the NIH facility in Chak Shahzad to get it.

He asked the hospital staff to give him in writing that the vaccines are out of stock. They did so but didn’t sign the slip.

Aqeel is a resident of Lake View Lane which is 10kms away from Bani Gala, the residence of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

stray dogs culling

Dog-bite cases are sporadic in the federal capital. A victim needs to be vaccinated six times across a certain period of time.

Dr Arsalan Haidar, a representative of the Polyclinic Hospital administration, claimed that the anti-rabies vaccine is always available at the hospital.

He told Samaa Digital that the first dose of the vaccine is administered to victims at the emergency ward.

“The remaining doses are administrated privately. It may happen that a dog-bite victim might get vaccinated after two to four hours at the hospital. But delay should not cause panic,” he said.

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