Honda reveals new City model prices in Pakistan

Company installs airbags for the first time

Honda Atlas has unveiled the new sixth-generation model of its top-selling car City and has also revealed the prices of its five variants. The company has added airbags, a basic safety feature in cars, for the first time in City.  

The car will be available in five variants – 1.2L Automatic Transmission (AT), 1.2L Manual Transmission (MT), 1.5L PT CVT, 1.5L Aspire CVT, and 1.5L MT.

Here are the new prices:

  • 1.2L MT--- Rs2,599,000  
  • 1.2L CVT---Rs2,799,000      
  • 1.5L PT CVT---Rs2,899,000 
  • 1.5L Aspire MT---Rs3,019,000      
  • 1.5L Aspire CVT---Rs3,174,000

Honda City’s top competitor is Toyota Yaris in the b-sedan category. However, the auto experts say new car companies Changan and Proton’s cheaper sedans Alsvin and Saga may also get a share of the pie in this category.

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The delivery period for the b-category sedan has reached seven months. It means if someone books it now, the person will receive the car in March.

“If you book City today, it will be delivered in March 2022,” said an official of a Honda dealership in Karachi. “We have received a lot of orders for the car.”

According to media reports, around 12,000 units of the new sixth-generation City were already booked before the model was launched.

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“Toyota Yaris will have an advantage in the segment due to lower price and delivery time,” said an auto analyst Usman Ansari, who runs an auto blogging website

“The top variant of Honda City is priced over Rs300,000 as compared to relevant Toyota Yaris variant,” he said. “City delivery period is seven months, while Yaris is delivered in one month.”

“I think City’s new prices are high,” Ansari said.   

However, Honda has introduced retractable side mirrors in the new City model, which is missing in all comparable cars such as Yaris, Alsvin, and Saga.

The new City will also sport a seven-inch LCD screen in the three City models and nine-inch LCDs in the two City Aspire variants. The car’s shape has also been changed. But the people already knew the shape as the imported Honda Grace was already running on Pakistan roads, which has the same shape as the new City introduced in Pakistan.

However, the company has increased the price of the top City variant by almost Rs300,000. It is despite that the fact that recently all car companies including Honda have reduced prices due to reduction in government duties.     

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