Karachi Division shows gangsters’ emotional side: Shamoon Abbasi

He says their psyche is depicted in the crime show
Jul 23, 2021
Photo Courtesy: shamoon_abbasi_official/Instagram
Photo Courtesy: shamoon_abbasi_official/Instagram

Karachi Division creator Shamoon Abbasi said that he showed the emotional side of gangsters in his web series.

"There is a system in every city and Karachi is a big city," Shamoon said about the show. "It is a country in itself. There is development and progress. There are some elements that definitely bring harm to that place. We did a collective thing on that angle and thought of a story that people would enjoy."

He added: "It is not like we have set angry characters. You will see comedy and emotions. I mean if they are gangsters — we didn't just show murders and violent incidents taking place — we showed their emotions as well. I mean, they are also crying and we portrayed their humane psychology."

Shamoon said that the second season of Karachi Division is in the works because of the positive reviews of the first so far.

He went on to say that his production is in high demand overseas and people are watching it through VPN as well.

Karachi Division is streaming on Starzplay. The first season has six episodes in total.

The cast includes Shamoon Abbasi himself along with Imran Patel, Rafey Khan, Kashif Javed, Maheen Sayyed Rizvi, Mudassir Waqar, Hassam Khan and Uzair Abbasi.

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