All of Karachi's nullah maps in one place

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Sep 27, 2021
A map of Karachi's Orangi Nullah.
A map of Karachi's Orangi Nullah.

Monsoon 2021 rains have hit Karachi. After the fiasco of last year's urban flooding, people living here began to take more interest in nullahs or stormwater drains.

SAMAA Digital brings you maps of all the major nullahs of Karachi in the interest of making this information public. Our belief is that any person who lives in Karachi has a right to maps of nullahs. These maps should be ideally made available on the Karachi Water and Sewage Board website.

The data is from the GIS department at the World Bank's CLICK project. It brings together the local administration's maps, technical knowledge of its engineers and GIS mapping. The authorities (KMC, the Sindh government) have been trying to map the city's stormwater drains so that they are cleared of encroachments, widened and cleared of garbage so the water is not blocked, leading to flooding.

This is a list of the nullahs. You can find the maps at this public access Dropbox link to download them. Use this link to a public Dropbox folder

For any questions please email mahim.maher (at) for help.

Name of NullahDistrictStarting PointMiddle PointEnd PointLengthWidthApprox. encroachment level
110000 Road NullahKorangiIsmail GothJamia Darul UloomKDA Society11.2 Kms12-50ft 15%
211000 Road NullahKorangiZaman TownMuhammadi RoadGovt Comprehensive High School Korangi 3.51.15 Kms
312000 (A) Road NullahKorangiNoor Mandir, Landhi No. 1Katchi Abadi, KMCLandhi No 21.10 Kms15ft 10%
412000 (B) Road NullahKorangiGovt. Comprehensive High SchoolDC Korangi OfficeNasir jump2.52 Kms15ft 10%
513000 Road NullahKorangiSharafi GothSinger ChowrangiDarul Uloom Khaddi Stop1.34 Kms
616000 Road NullahKorangiMehrunnisa ChowkShaikh Muhammad Saeed Memorial HospitalIBM University1.39 Kms15ft 15%
74200 Road NullahCentralSector 5B-3Four Star LawnSamama Shopping Mall0.94 Kms6-8ft 10%
85,200 Road NullahCentralKala SchoolSamama ShoppingGujjar Nullah3.33 Kms6-8ft 45%
95000 Road NallaKorangiNasir Jump16000 Road (CBM)0.35 Kms12ft 15%
105000 Road Nullah D-1KorangiThalla Zia ColonyShan Chowrangi, Habib BankDHL Warehouse1.52 Kms
115000 Road UP Morr to Sakhi Hasan and North KarachiCentral4K ChowrangiChase Shopping MallShafiq Morr11.1 Kms6-8ft
126000 RoadKorangiBilal ColonyAllah Walla Town 12000 RoadSikandarabad14.78 Kms3%
137000 Road NullahKorangiWater Service StationSector No. 33-ABakri Petrol Pump (Bismillah Stop)0.52 Kms6-12ft10%
147000 Road Nullah D-1KorangiBank Al-Habib, Matka walli PiliaKorangi No. 2 Main market9000 Road Nullah0.53 Kms
158000 Road DrainKorangiBrookes ChowrangiSinger ChowrangiMurtaza Chowrangi11.3 Kms
169,000 Road NullahCentralSector 5 FSaba ChowrangiLyari Naddi3.86 Kms6-8ft 90%
179000 Road NullahKorangiGovt. College, Double RoadSector 32-B and 33-C KorangiChakra Goth2.01 Kms12ft10%
18Azeempura NullahMalirSir Syed Memorial HospitalBhatti ColonyMalir River2.13 Kms12ft 5%
19Aziz Bhatti DrainEastUniversity RoadAziz Bhatti ParkBackside Aziz Bhatti Park0.62 Kms6-5ft
20CBM NullahKorangiSIUT KorangiShaikh Muhammad Saeed Memorial HospitalCBM1.17 Kms10-30ft15%
21Chakora NullahEastHabib UniversityNatha KhanPAF Faisal7.01 Kms40-60ft20%
22City NullahSouthCivil Hospital KarachiPakistan ChowkMai Kolachi3.29 Kms20ft 25%
23Essa Nagri DrainEastHassan SquareKarim SquareEssa Nagri graveyard1.17 Kms6-3ft80%
24Frere NullahSouthLilly BridgeGlass TowerJan Broast3.04 Kms30ft
25Golden Town NullahMalirBehind FalaknazShah FaisalAzeempura Graveyard1.2 Kms12ft 25%
26Gujjar NullahCentralNullah Stop, New KarachiLandhi KotalHaji Murad Goth12.19 Kms20-80ft 50%
27Haroonabad NullahWestMetrovilleValikaShershah kabari bazaar7.9 Kms12-20ft 10%
28Hub River Nullah, BaldiaWestSaeedabad Police Training CenterGCT GroundShershah6.23 Kms6-8ft 45%
29Kalri NullahSouthJhoona MasjidHajji Abdul Majeed CrownMachhar Colony2.63 Kms20ft 35%
30Lalabad NullahMalirRice GodownSherpao ColonyMalir River1.77 Kms12ft 30%
31Manzoor Colony NullahEastJunejo ChowkiAkhtar ColonyQayyumabad Bridge3.56 Kms20ft 60%
32Mehmoodabad NullahEastFire StationBismillah PuliyaManzoor Colony4.11 Kms12ft 15%
33Mehran Cut NullahMalirHashimabad Shinwari CNG PumpMalir CanttWadi-e-Hussain Graveyard11.2 Kms26-30ftNil
34Mehran Highway NullahMalirHospital ChowrangiMalir canttPMT Colony (Zero Point)1.20 Kms6-8ft5%
35Mochko (Moachko) NullahWestIttehad TownMoach Goth BridgeBase Masroor7.31 Kms30ft30%
36Nehr-e-Khayyam NullahSouthOcean MallSt-14 ParkBenazir Park1.71 Kms100-115ftNil
37Nipa DrainEastNipa RoundaboutDhaka SweetsImtiaz Superstore1.50 Kms6ft to 5ft3%
38Orangi NullahWestZiaul Haq Chowrangi, Sector 11.5ARY StudioKashmir Mohallah11.62 Kms100ft 50%
39Pehalwan Goth NullahEastDubai HouseBakhtawar GothHabib University8.5ft 50%
40Pitcher NullahSouthJamila Pumping StationTimber MarketICI Bridge4.57 Kms20ft 20%
41Qalandaria NullahCentralNusrat Bhutto ColonySector 14AQalandaria Chowk0.54 Kms
42Shershah NullahWestShaheen hotelUrdu BazaarLyari River2.01 Kms40ft 90%
43Soldier Bazaar NullahSouthAaj NewsGarden HQHijrat Colony PIDC12.19 Kms20-70ft75%
44Songal NullahEastWhite HouseParadise BakeryQuaid-e-Azam Colony2.63 Kms22ft 75%
45Zehri House NullahEastTipu Sultan Fire HouseRailway CulvertMehmoodabad Nullah2.67 Kms12ft 15%


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