On rainy days, these dishes will tantalise your taste buds

Treat yourself to jalebis, samosas
Photo: Online
Photo: Online
Photo Courtesy: Cookpad/Online
Photo Courtesy: Cookpad/Online

A rainy day puts a smile on people’s faces. Adults and children alike are seen enjoying the weather outdoors.

But there's one thing your heart desperately wants when it's raining outside — mouth-watering food.

Here is a list of monsoon specials to satisfy your cravings.


Pakoras are the undisputed king of snacks when it is raining. It comes with potatoes, spring onion, green chili, and other vegetables.


Kachoris are simple to cook and are on the top of monsoon favorites. It is best enjoyed with spicy potato curry. Delicious indeed!


The dessert is not only scrumptious but its texture makes it a unique delicacy. A rainy day is sweeter with Jalebis. 


You can never get bored of Samosas. Ever. Filled with either aloo or qeema, samosas always make rainy days special. Dip it in chutney, ketchup or chilli sauce to make things spicier.

Chai Paratha

The combination of these two is available at every street in the city. The different variety of parathas — aloo, chicken, or even plain — can be enjoyed with a cup of doodh patti.

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