Maheen Ghani accuses Fahad Mustafa of double standards

Questions negative portrayal of women in his projects
Photo: Instagram/Maheen Ghani
Photo: Instagram/Maheen Ghani

Actor Fahad Mustafa’s tweet calling for respect towards women actors didn’t go down well with designer Maheen Ghani.

“He [Fahad Mustafa] produces shows based on false harassment claims by women in a country where women are already suffering, unprotected and marginalised, but is horrified by trolling,” Maheen said.

She was referring to the drama serial Dunk, produced by Fahad and starring Sana Javed and Bilal Abbas. The story revolves around Professor Humayun, played by Nauman Ijaaz, who is falsely accused of harassment by Sana’s character Amal. It destroys his career as no one believes him and everyone supports Amal. Fahad said the drama was inspired by a similar case in Lahore in 2019.

“Why don’t you portray women in a better light and stop judgment?” Maheen remarked.

Fahad has received criticism not just for Dunk, but for Jalan (2020) as well. It showed a woman (played by Minal Khan) in an illicit relation with her brother-in-law (Emmad Irfani). Jalan was banned by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority over violation of “social and moral ethics of Pakistani society” under Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance.

As for Dunk, many people argued that in a society where women facing sexual harassment are already forced and threatened into silence, it is a disservice to the struggle of those who do stand up and speak out against such crimes. 

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