Armeena Khan is unapologetic about being 'covered in tattoos'

Says she will report people harassing women on Twitter
Photo: Instagram/Armeena Khan
Photo: Instagram/Armeena Khan

Actor Armeena Rana Khan has advised the morality brigade to leave her profile if they are offended by her choices.

“I don’t understand why these nationalists, right-wingers, and religious fanatics lecture me,” she tweeted. “For the last time, I do not represent you and my journey is personal.”

The actor said she will do everything she thinks she should for Pakistan, but will not tolerate people forcing their views on her. Her journey is meant only for her well wishers and fans, she added.

Armeena shared a photo showing herself and her husband Fesl receiving a certificate for their public service in England. Now a week later, she has responded to a comment about the tattoo on her leg visible in the photo.

“Yes, I’m covered in tattoos and will be getting a skull next.”

She has urged trolls to go back to their “preaching pages” and requested followers to report those harassing women on social media. 

Armeena is vocal about social evils, including animal abuse and mental health stigma. She urges people to seek professional help if they are unable to overcome their negative thoughts. In the drama serial Mohabbatain Chahatain, she played Tara, who ends up taking her own life.

Armeena described the scene as challenging and recorded a video on the set requesting people to not lose hope. She released it six months later when Mohabbatain Chahatain’s last episode was aired.

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Armeena Khan

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