TikToker Kashif Zameer caught beating pet lion in video

Animal rights activists blame laws allowing possession of wild animals
May 13, 2021
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

A video of TikToker and businessman Kashif Zameer beating his pet lion has gone viral on social media.

The clip, posted by the JFK Animal Rescue Shelter on Twitter, shows a metal chain tied around the lion's neck. Zameer was using it as a leash. He slapped the animal multiple times in the video.

The lion can be seen gasping for air. The video was shot through the Snack Video application.

The JFK Animal and Rescue Shelter has condemned Zameer's actions. "How many more proofs do we provide? The root cause is the license that lets you keep these animals at home."

Animal lovers and activists took to social media and criticised the Tiktoker as well.

Earlier this month, petitioners Sanita Gulzar Ahmed, the daughter of Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, and Syed Muhammad Ghazenfur challenged the Punjab law which allows people to keep wild animals as pets in the Lahore High Court.

They said that Section 12 of the Punjab Wildlife (Protection, Preservation, Conservation, And Management) Act, 1974 has “unconstitutional, illegal, detrimental, noxious, hazardous and devastating effects”.

The petitioners said that the court should declare that this act ultra vires the Constitution and infringes the fundamental rights of wild animals. They asked the court to suspend the law and prohibit the wildlife department from issuing licences.

The Punjab wildlife law

Section 12 of the Punjab Wildlife Act says the following.

12 (1) No person shall be in possession of any wild animal unless he be in possession of a certificate of lawful possession granted in respect thereof by the officer authorized in this behalf: provided that any person importing any wild animal, trophy or meat of a wild animal of a kind specified in the Second Schedule in accordance with the provisions of this Act or acquiring such animal, trophy or meat in accordance with the terms of a permit issued under this Act shall apply to the authorized officer for such certificate within thirty days from the date of importing or acquiring the animal, trophy or meat.

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