When Hazara rapper Fahd Azam collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Ray J

He made it big by selling records independently
Photo: YouTube/DJ Viad
Photo: YouTube/DJ Viad

In May 2018, the rumours that rapper Mr Capone-E is a Pakistani Hazara came true when they were confirmed by several leading Indian news outlets.

It all started with a two-minute video showing the rapper, sporting black shades and a silver chain around his heavily tattooed neck, against the backdrop of a Pakistani flag.  

“Mr Capone-e has been passing as Chicano/Mexican this whole time but is actually a Pakistani Hazara,” a tweet read. Many people commented it was maybe a controversy in the hip hop scene, others wondered what ‘Hazara’ could be and some even suggested that the ‘E’ in Mr Capone-E might be ‘Ejaz’, a common Muslim name in Pakistan.

After much speculation, one of the rapper's radio interviews from April of the same year started resurfacing. He had sat down with Rude Jude on Shade 45’s The All Out Show and revealed that he was not Mexican, but Pakistani.

Fahd with rapper Kevin Gates. (Photo: SoundCloud)

“You’re a Pakistani,” Rude asked Capone-E, in response to which the rapper revealed that he is of Mongolian descent whose family is both Pakistani and Afghan.

Photo: Instagram/Mr Capone-E

Mr Capone-E’s real name is Fahd Azam and he moved to West Covina, Los Angeles, at an early age.

Photo: Instagram/Mr Capone-E

Fahd would soon immerse himself in hip hop music and launch his debut album Mr Capone-E and the Southsiders (2000) under his own recording label Hi Power. 

Photo: Instagram/Mr Capone-E

In another interview, Fahd revealed that when he started out, big labels didn’t sign him because he was “from the streets”. 

Photo: Instagram/Mr Capone-E

“We’re really from the streets,” he said. “So when we started coming up, we didn’t get any record deals or meetings in Hollywood with top executives.” He ended up selling his records independently and that’s how his career in hip hop came about.

Fahd with Snoop Dogg in Light My Fire. (Photo: YouTube)

“We never got that major connection but we got the streets feeling us,” he remarked.

Fahd with British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan. (Photo: YouTube)

He has collaborated with Snoop Dogg, DJ Mustard, Ray J, and other rappers. Some of his chart-topping singles include Light My Fire and Don’t Get it Twisted.

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