My stepfather tried to rape me: Eshal Fayyaz

It led to her parents’ divorce
Photo: Instagram/Eshal Fayyaz
Photo: Instagram/Eshal Fayyaz

Actor Eshal Fayyaz has revealed that she spoke out against her stepfather when he tried to rape her for the fourth time.

“When my father died, I was very young,” she says in a clip from Nida Yasir’s show now doing the rounds on social media. “I was around three or four years old when my mother married again.”

Eshal said that after she grew a little older, her stepfather tried to rape her. But she had enough sense to speak out against the abuse and told her mother and sister everything.

“When it happened for the fourth time, I had had enough,” Eshal said. “This became the reason for their divorce.” Her mother never married again, Eshal added.

As many as 1,489 children, 785 girls and 704 boys, were sexually assaulted in the first half of 2020, according to a report by NGO Sahil. In about 822 cases, the abusers were either the victims’ acquaintances or family members.

Actor Nadia Jameel and former model Frieha Altaf have shared their sexual assault experiences as well. Nadia was abused at the age of four by her driver and Frieha by her family cook.

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