Try these spring rolls for a healthy, delicious iftar

Enjoy the crispy outside and juicy inside
Photo: File
Photo: File

You must try spring rolls if you are looking for a healthy yet delicious and quick recipe for iftar.

These rolls, with a crisp outside and a juicy tender filling, can be rustled up in no time, and make up for a perfect, healthy meal.

Here’s everything you will need to prepare them.

Ingredients for filling

Five tablespoons cooking oil

One cup boiled and shredded chicken

Two cups carrot (cut into long, thin strips)

Two cups cabbage (cut into long, thin strips)

Two cups capsicum (cut into long, thin strips)

One cup fine chopped spring onion

Three to four tablespoons soy sauce

Ground black pepper and salt to taste

Samosa/roll sheets or wraps

Take oil in a pan and fry all the vegetables with chicken for a good five to 10 minutes. Then add salt, black pepper and soy sauce to it (you can also add chilli sauce if you want). Stuff the wraps and seal them up using the flour and water mixture. Look out for any openings as that will let oil into the rolls. 

Fry the rolls until they are golden-brown. Serve them with either ketchup or chutni.



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