Amna Ilyas wants PM Khan to retract his rape statement

Hamza Abbasi, Ayesha Omar have something to say too

Celebrities aren’t done yet reminding Prime Minister Imran Khan that rape has nothing to do with women’s dressing.

“You are already fond of taking U-turns,” model Amna Ilyas said in a video. “Please take your words back or you will not be my prime minister.”

Celebrities criticising PM Khan's rape remarks
Photo: Instagram/Amna Ilyas

Ayesha Omar said rape is all about power play, domination, and oppression.

“Four-month-old babies are being raped,” she said. “Children and burqa-clad women are being raped.”

PM Khan came under fire for his comments on the rising rape cases in the country. He took calls from the public on Sunday and talked about corruption and inflation, but his statement implying that rape is a result of women not covering themselves drew widespread criticism. People accused him of making excuses for rapists when he said not everyone has the willpower to “control themselves” and that only “purdah can prevent rape”.

Hamza Ali Abbasi too disagreed with PM Khan’s views.

Celebrities criticising PM Khan's rape remarks
Photo: Twitter/Hamza Ali Abbasi

The premier’s remarks were condemned by journalists, activists, and lawyers, who accused him of promoting rape culture. Celebrities have been denouncing his views as well. 

Imran’s former wife Jemima reminded him that men cannot be excused from sexual crimes at all. Actor Nadia Jameel remarked a woman’s body belongs to her only and no one has the right to force themselves on her. 

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