Do you want to be featured on Shehzad Roy's profile?

Take his challenge

Singer Shehzad Roy has a spot for you on his Twitter account if you can do a one-arm push-up.

“An open challenge for everyone,” he announced. “If you can do one or even a half one-arm push-up, upload it and tag me in it along with the hashtag #ShehzadRoy Challenge.”

Those failing while attempting are eligible to compete too. The singer will select his favourites and upload them to all his social media accounts.

Soon after the announcement, his post streamed with videos of enthusiasts, including children.

Shehzad kicked off his singing career in 1995. He made it to mainstream music with the 2008 album Qismat Apney Haath Mein with a socio-political theme.

The Tamgha-i-Imtiaz recipient was the brains behind documentary series Chal Parha and Wasu aur Mein as well, through which highlighted problems, such as lack of education and poverty.

Shehzad Roy

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