Karachi private hospitals start administering Russia's Sputnik V vaccine

It is available at OMI and South City so far
Photo: sputnikvaccine.com
Photo: sputnikvaccine.com

Private hospitals in Karachi have started administering Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine to the general population.

It is available at the Orthopaedic and Medical Institute (OMI), South City Hospital, Hashmani's hospital and Ziauddin hospital.

A total of 50,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine reached Pakistan on
March 18. They were imported by the pharmaceutical firm, AGP
Limited. The firm has distributed the doses to private hospitals.

The Sindh High Court allowed on Thursday the sale of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine.

Doses of the vaccine were handed over to AGP Limited on March 31, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan lawyer told the court.

The court was informed that the price of the vaccine had been fixed at Rs8,449 per two doses.

DRAP lawyer said that AGP Limited was given permission to import the vaccine before its prices were fixed. He requested the court to delay the sale permission by a week so the prices could be decided.

Orthopaedic and Medical Institute

For OMI, you need to get an appointment for vaccination first. You cannot just walk in.

You will reach the adult vaccination centre through the hospital's emergency department. There are many signs leading to it. You will have to give your appointment details at the registration desk.

The Sputnik V shot is available for around Rs13,000 at OMI.

There is a post-vaccination waiting area where you will be observed for adverse events.

Worldwide the side effects reported after the Russian vaccine have been pain at the injection site, headache and muscle aches. No severe adverse events have been reported.

The timings for vaccination at OMI are 9am to 5pm.

The process, however, ended around 2pm on Friday due to large influx of people who wanted to get the jab.

South City Hospital

The vaccine is available at South City Hospital for Rs12,268. That's the cost for two doses.

You have to buy both doses to make sure your second dose is booked. You can get the second dose 21 days later.

Dr Nashwa Imran is in-charge of vaccinations at South City.

The hospital recommends the vaccine for people between 18 and 60 years. You need to have a valid CNIC or passport. Pregnant and breastfeeding women cannot get the vaccine.

The hospital says the vaccine will be provided on a walk-in basis round the clock.

There were some posts on social media claiming that the Aga Khan University Hospital was also vaccinating people with the Sputnik V shot.

"We are currently only administering government provided Sinopharm vaccine," the AKUH spokesperson told SAMAA Digital. "If and when that [Sputnik V administration] happens, we will communicate."

Hashmani's hospital

Hashmani’s hospital will also administer the Sputnik V vaccine, the hospital confirmed on Saturday. It will be available next week. The cost is Rs12,000. 

You can register on their portal here.

Hashmani's hospital on Facebook listed these steps to follow:

Step 1:
You will receive a confirmation SMS after registering online for the first dose date, time and vaccination centre
Step 2:
Second dose, date, time, and vaccination center will be confirmed after the first vaccination
Step 3:
After completing the vaccination dose, the participant will receive verified vaccination completion for Hashmanis Group of Hospitals

Ziauddin hospital

Ziauddin hospital also has the Sputnik V vaccine. They are taking registrations through an online form you can access here.

Their form is a bit more detailed and asks about previous vaccines, allergies to foods and medicines, immune conditions and transplants.

Further information can be obtained on this number: 0321-3660249.

What you need to know about Russia's Sputnik V vaccine 

  • Sputnik is named after the first Soviet satellite sent into space in 1957
  • It has been approved in 56 countries so far
  • Research shows it has an efficacy of 91.6%
  • The vaccine has two doses given 21 days apart
  • It contains two different harmless adenovirus vectors (common cold virus)
  • It can be stored at fridge temperatures from 2°C to 8°C
  • Internationally, one dose of the vaccine costs less than $10 (Rs1,535)

This is a developing story. It was last updated at 5:30pm, April 10.


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