Children in UK will now study Munni Badnaam in schools

You read that right
Screenshot: YouTube
Screenshot: YouTube

We knew bhangra had become popular in the UK, but Munni Badnaam making it to the country’s school curriculum? To say that we're surprised is an understatement.

UK’s education department has introduced a new music curriculum “to support all children to have access to high-quality music education”.

It has released a list of composers whose music will be included in the curriculum. Munni Badnaam, which is an "item number" from Salman Khan-starrer Dabangg is on the list. Indian artists classical musicians Ravi Shankar, Kishori Amonkar and A .R. Rahman are on the list too. It includes Pakistan, but the artists mentioned are The Dhol Foundation, which is a UK-based dhol academy.

“The Model Music Curriculum has been developed by a panel of 15 music education specialists – teachers, education leaders and musicians from across the UK,” a press release said.


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