Minister promises to punish those who doctored Aurat March banners

Says an investigation is being conducted to ascertain facts
Mar 14, 2021
Pakistan’s minister for religious affairs said Sunday that an “investigation” is being conducted in relation to the alleged banners and “blasphemous slogans” chanted at the March 8 Aurat March. An investigation is being conducted to ascertain the facts about the banners and slogans that are being associated with the Aurat March, Religious Affairs Minister Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said in a statement. Those who “photoshopped” the Aurat March banners would be given “exemplary” punishment, said his statement, referring to the “doctored” social media posts against the Aurat March. “The elements that are spreading chaos in society will be strongly dealt with,” he warned. “The characters [who are] involved in it will be exposed and cases will be made [against them].”

Disinformation campaign

A day after the Aurat March, a photo of a placard about child abuse went viral and some people on Twitter labeled it blasphemous. Aurat March had to issue a clarification that it was a placard that described the ordeal of a child survivor of rape questioning the lack of justice. It said, in Urdu, ‘I was 9, he was 50. I was silenced. But his voice is still heard as he delivers the call to prayer’. A video of the March participants chanting slogans was also shared on social media but with incendiary subtitles. Aurat March organisers were quick to share the original video, which asked for azadi from all forces oppressing women. The fake subtitles were written to make “Ansar” and “Orya” sound like something else.


Aurat March

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