Beyond the Wetlands shows rescue mission to retrieve lost mountaineer

It is expected to release this year

Beyond the Wetlands is a story about a rescue team that goes out looking for a mountaineer lost in Pakistan’s north.  

“I’m super excited to present the teaser for my film,” said filmmaker Arsalan Majid. It revolves around the themes of adventure and survival.  

Photo: Instagram/Arsalan Majid

The film is not based on the life of the late mountaineer Ali Sadpara, who went missing on February 5 with two fellow climbers while attempting the winter K2 summit.

Beyond the Wetlands has been produced by AWB films and stars Jahangir Abdullah, Ishaq Hushevi and Ibrahim Micheal. Climber Muhammad Karim, known as “Little Karim”, has a cameo in the film.

It is expected to release this year.


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