Video: Ex-PM Gillani's son advises MNA on wasting Senate vote

He is expected to address a press conference shortly
A video of Ali Haider Gillani has gone viral in which he is seen advising an MNA on how to waste his vote in the Senate election. The video was shot a few days ago, sources told SAMAA TV's correspondent Abbas Shabbir. The development comes just a day before the Senate election. "If the vote is to be wasted then what you have to do..." Ali Haider Gillani is heard explaining to the lawmaker. "Okay, these two will be crossed," the MNA asks. To this, Gillani replies, "This way you will cross will be rejected." Ali Haider Gillani is the son of former premier Yousuf Raza Gillani, who is the Pakistan Democratic Movement's Senate candidate from Islamabad. He has admitted schooling PTI MNAs on Senate vote rejection. "As far as this video is concerned, I can state this on good authority that these MNAs belong to the PTI, they are my friends," he said at a press conference in Islamabad. Ali Haider said the PTI MNAs wanted to vote for his father because of their differences with Hafeez Shaikh. They asked if their party forced them to vote for its candidate then what should they do, he said. "I told them you can keep your vote secret under Article 226 and vote for whomsoever you want." Ali Haider confirmed advising the lawmakers on how to have their votes rejected in case their party handed them marked ballots.




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