Chitral: Injured snow leopard rescued by wildlife department

Animal under treatment at hospital
Photo: WWF Pakistan
Photo: WWF Pakistan

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department rescued an injured snow leopard from Chitral's Arkari on Friday.

A joint rescue operation was held by the department and the Snow Leopard Foundation. According to the foundation's project manager Shafiullah Khan, the leopard had suffered injuries near its hind legs.

The animal has been moved to a veterinary hospital in Chitral where it will be treated. "The injuries would have had prevented the leopard from hunting," Khan said.

Snow leopards live in higher altitude areas and an untreated injury means it can fall down from the mountains, he pointed out.

After the treatment, the animal will be released back into the wild. "In the last few years, this is the first time a snow leopard has been seen in Chitral, Khan added.

The wildlife department has stressed the importance of keeping animals such as snow leopards safe. It stated that they were an “asset” for the region and their well-being was very important.

Wildlife activists in the region have been working to improve the ecosystem for the survival and breeding of these animals.


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