Salsoft Technologies raising the standards for the IT industry

Payoneer’s Global Economy Index puts Pakistan among the top freelance markets
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The IT industry is skyrocketing in Pakistan with 76.38 million of its population using internet every day. The Payoneer’s Global Economy Index that is published on Forbes Magazine puts Pakistan among the top freelance markets. Pakistan has made it past countries like Bangladesh, Russia and India with a 47% growth. This growth signifies the potential of IT sector booming in Pakistan. One of the companies that are contributing to the growth IT sector in Pakistan is Salsoft Technologies.

Salsoft’s contribution to Pakistan IT exports:

The company was established about twenty years ago. At this time, even the IT industry itself was taking its first steps. Salsoft started out as a software house and is now recognized as one of the top IT exporters of Pakistan as per PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board). Salsoft Technologies streamlines a wide-rage of IT services such as mobile application development, web development, augmented reality and artificial intelligence related solutions.

The company houses a team of highly-professional designers, digital marketers, programmers, and branding teams having impressive skillsets. They have extended their services to various start-ups, SMBs and large enterprises. With the help of staff augmentation, Salsoft handles all aspect of businesses and tackle challenges with utmost ease and efficiency.

With their unrivaled passion to deliver top-notch tech services, Salsoft has been able to expanded its reach to United Arab Emirates, United States and England. This is an impressive milestone for a company that started off as a software house merely two decades ago.

The key reason for Salsoft’s sustainable growth is that they value their employees and work diligently to enhance their well-being. Atif Iqbal, Head of HR, stated that, even though many IT companies provide lucrative salaries and benefits to their employees, they seemingly lag a little in letting the employees grow. This growth refers to thriving professionally. The HR department is determined to see this goal come true. They aim to develop an environment where the workforce is able to excel at a swift pace.

The employees at the company not only get a market competitive salary, but are also given various emotional and skill-based training sessions that aims to augment their growth. These are means for them to further polish their skillsets and establish them well in the IT industry. This whole culture of creativity and innovation not only boosts their ability to work more efficiently, but also assists them in professional growth.

Salsoft Technologies' mid-pandemic contributions:

With the pandemic taking a direct hit to country’s economy and job seekers struggling to stay afloat, Salsoft have been taking measures of its own to support all the working bodies. They hired 600 employees during the pandemic and laid down a flexible set of regulations that encouraged everyone to work from home.

Salsoft Technologies is confident that growth in the IT industry depends a lot on the environment. When the employee is given a healthy environment, they can grow and polish their skills, and the stats of a company rise higher. This means providing a safe space for employees where they feel motivated to test out their limits and always set the bar up high for innovation.

Setting standards for the IT industry:

Salsoft takes immense pride over the fact that their workforce has participated in some impressive projects. The company intends on becoming an equal opportunity provider where all working bodies from staff, administration, to employees are given top-quality environments. Besides this, they utilize top-of-the-line digital tools that are guaranteed to solve complex business solutions.

Where most of today’s innovations come from Silicon Valley, Salsoft Technologies is taking the IT industry in Pakistan on a whole new level, reaching new heights. They are collaborating with many international markets, giving their workforce an opportunity to learn from beyond the boundaries of Pakistan. This has not only helped the employees gain respectable skillsets, but has also placed Salsoft as the industry leader that it is today.


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