Islamabad expressway blocked during two-hour protest

People demanded arrest of suspect
Feb 18, 2021
Photo: Online
Photo: Online

The Khanna Pul Expressway in Islamabad was blocked for over two hours on Thursday morning after people came out to protest.

According to the police, residents of the Kuri Road said that early in the morning they saw a man in a rickshaw throwing a brown sack near the footpath.

"When they checked the sack, there were pages of Quranic verses and Hadith inside," Rural SP Rana Wahab said.

The protesters demanded the police arrest the man. "We won't end the protest unless he is caught," one of them said.

After a sit-in of nearly three hours and multiple negotiations by the police, the protesters dispersed and the road was reopened.

Photo: Online

SP Wahab said that the sit-in had a cascade effect on the surrounding roads networks.


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