Kangana Ranaut thinks she’s ‘better than Meryl Streep’

I'm more like Marlon Brando, she says
Photo: Instagram/Kangana Ranaut
Photo: Instagram/Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut will swallow her pride if you prove she is not the best performer in the world.

“I’m open for debate if anyone can show me more brilliance of craft than mine,” wrote the Panga actor. “Until then I can surely afford the luxury of pride.”

Kangana posted a collage of two photos from her upcoming films Thalaivi and Dhaakadd, and said no actor in the world has displayed a wider range of characters than she has.

“I have raw talent like Meryl Streep for layered character depictions, but I can also do skilled action like Gal Gadot.”

She called Streep and other Hollywood actors "invaders on the lands of American Indians" and herself a native Indian who wants to "protect her land".

"I'm more like Marlon Brando," said Kangana. "I snubbed Filmfare [Awards] just how Brando snubbed the Oscars."

At the 45th Academy Awards in 1973, Marlon declined the Best Actor award for his role in The Godfather in a protest against Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans.

Streep is the only actor with most Oscar nominations in the acting category (21), of which she has won three. She also has 32 Golden Globe nominations to her credit, including eight wins.

Kangana made headlines last week after she called Rihanna a "porn singer" and accused her of receiving bribes from Pakistan for speaking up on farmer protests in India.

Kangana, a name now synonymous with self-praise and jingoism, has been attacking members of her own fraternity and others who don’t endorse her opinions. She has also openly voiced her support for the Bharatiya Janata Party, especially Narendra Modi, and called for war against Pakistan.

Kangana Ranaut

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