Shehzad Roy focuses on Modi, Abhinandan in new music video

Do you know Kon Kis Ka Aadmi Hai?

Indian Premier Narendra Modi and Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman guest-star in Shehzad Roy’s Kon Kis Ka Aadmi Hai.

The music video keeps up with Roy’s brand of political satire and uses lookalikes of Modi and Abhinandan to drive the digs home.

It comes only weeks ahead of the second anniversary of a dogfight between India and Pakistan that led to the arrest of Abhinandan after his plane was shot down by the PAF.

Roy’s latest is centered on Pakistanis’ obsession with keeping tabs on the loyalties of politicians and bureaucrats. Visit any dhabba and within seconds, you’ll hear conversations filled with theories, both real and imagined, about shifting political loyalties, collusions to defraud citizens and booty being divided among conspirators.

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“Truth is often distorted ! It is important to fact check through credible sources before judging 'who is working for whom' and then reach closer to truth,” Roy says in the video description.

Roy and his crew take a hearty jab at Modi over Abhinandan’s capture, the ongoing farmer protests and his divisive policies. No wonder the crowd loves it.

Sikandar Alam Roy, Shehzad’s son, is on drums and gives Daddy the fodder for a witty line to close the song.

“Whose going to pick those drums up, your father?” Shehzad asks. “Yes!” says Sikandar, storming off the screen and leaving his father to pick up the drums.

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Shehzad Roy

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