Bajaur jirga bans women from calling radio, collecting baby bonus

This is violation of human rights, DC says
Feb 06, 2021
Photo: AFP/file
Photo: AFP/file

A jirga in Bajaur's Wara Mamund district has banned the women in the area from calling the radio and visiting the Sada-e-Aman Centre, where women are given cash for giving birth.

The members of the jirga said that Rs10,000 fine will be imposed on the violators.

This is a violation of human rights, said Deputy Commissioner Fayyaz Sherpao while reacting to the jirga's decision. He said that the tribal leaders should tell the administration if they have any reservations but they cannot impose restrictions on the movement of women.

He said that the district administration has called a meeting with the jirga members at 3:30pm to persuade them to take back their decision. Action will be taken against them if they don't listen, Sherpao added.

Ajmal Khan Wazir, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government spokesperson, said that Bajaur is a part of the province now. KP's laws apply to the merged districts. "We have formed committees for people to come and discuss their problems," he said while speaking to SAMAA TV.

Jirga's decisions

The jirga passed decisions on murder too. The members issued a written statement of their new policies.

  1. If a person has killed another knowingly then the heirs of the deceased have the right to avenge the death by killing the murderer. If the heirs don't take the other person's life, then the deceased's brothers and parents will decide the punishment, and both families will sign an agreement on it.
  2. There will be no rivalry between families if a person is killed accidentally or if an innocent person is killed during a fight. Those responsible will, however, have to give monetary compensation the deceased's family. The amount will be decided by the area's elders. If someone is accidentally injured, then those who fired shots will pay for the treatment.
  3. If a person is murdered at night, then no one can be accused of it without solid proof.
  4. If a woman is found in an objectionable position with another man then they will both be killed.
  5. If a woman is spotted with a man who is not related to her, then the parents of single women can decide if they want to call him their enemy or forgive them. The man will, however, be exiled.

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