Ali Gul Pir is curious about Kangana Ranaut’s ‘porn singers’

Requests her to explain their job

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has a bizarre new addition to her vocabulary and Ali Gul Pir is curious about it.

After calling Rihanna a “fool” for questioning why the world is not talking about farmers protesting in India, Kangana has launched another attack on the singer. She said Rihanna can’t sell her music without incorporating “adult content” in it.

Ali, who had neither seen nor heard of such a profession, requested Kangana to explain what a porn singer’s job is.

On Monday, Rihanna tweeted why nobody was talking about protesting Indian farmers. Soon after, her replies were filled with messages from mostly unverified Twitter accounts from India that said that she tweeted that because she has taken money from Pakistan.

Tens of thousands of farmers have been protesting since November 26 in camps on the outskirts of New Delhi against the deregulation of India’s agriculture sector, AFP reported.

One rally last week turned into a deadly rampage. Since then, police have detained dozens of farmers.

The protests have divided the country, with several accusing the protestors of having an anti-state agenda. The government also cut off internet in the capital New Delhi in a bid to stop protests, international media has reported.

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