Mufti Qavi physically harassed me and my cousin: Hareem Shah

Says she had planned to beat the cleric
Jan 21, 2021

Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah claimed on Thursday that she and her cousin beat up Mufti Abdul Qavi for “physically harassing” them.

“We asked for tea through waiter and went inside to serve him tea,” she told SAMAA TV’s host Kiran Naz. “He physically harassed both of us.”

A few days ago, a video had gone viral in which a girl was seen slapping Mufti Qavi.

Shah revealed on SAMAA TV’s show that it was her cousin who had slapped the cleric.

Her cousin, who too was invited to the show, said Shah hit Mufti Qavi with her shoe and she slapped him afterwards.

“He said some derogatory things that enraged me so I slapped him without thinking or understanding anything,” Shah’s cousin told anchorperson Naz.

She said she was with Shah and wasn’t expecting the cleric to use such language.

“I took off my shoe and hit him on the head but he felt no embarrassment,” Shah said.

She recorded the video of her cousin slapping Mufti Qavi later, according to the TokToker.

Shah admitted that it was her "plan" to beat him.


Hareem Shah

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