'A PTI member was bought to file foreign funding case'

Ali Mohammad Khan fails to answer questions about the case
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ali Mohammad Khan said on Monday that Akbar S Babar was “bought” to file the foreign funding case against the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Khan said this on SAMAA TV's show Nadeem Malik Live Monday. Babar, who filed the case in the Election Commission of Pakistan, was one of the founding members of the party and a close friend of PM Imran Khan. Before the anchorperson asked any questions, Justice (retired) Shaiq Usmani's opinion on the case was played on the show. Justice (retired) Usmani said if the foreign funding allegations were proven against the PTI, then the 2018 elections would be annulled and the government would end. Khan expressed his displeasure over Justice (retired) Usmani's comments, saying he always spoke against the PTI. "This is not a foreign funding case," he said. "When this started, a former member of our party was bought." The minister, however, failed to answer who bought Babar to file the case. "Ask any independent jurist whether it is the jurisdiction of the election commission or... a petition has to be filed in the Supreme Court," he said. Khan said this is a case of "irregularity". In such a case, if there is an amount which cannot be accounted for, then it is confiscated, he said. The minister noted that his party provided details of 40,000 bank accounts. But he could not answer a question about the number of foreign nationals who funded the party. The anchorperson asked Khan how much money his party received in foreign funds. He then inquired the minister about the number of accounts. But Khan failed to answer any of these questions.


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