Peshawar: Four policemen arrested for murdering Levies officer

SHO sacked, sub-inspector detained
Levies force officer Riaz. Photo: SAMAA TV
Levies force officer Riaz. Photo: SAMAA TV

Four officers of the Peshawar police were arrested on charges of murdering a Levies force officer, the police said on Saturday night.

The suspects opened fire at a car in the Badaber village for not stopping on January 3. During the shootout, a Levies force officer, identified as Riaz, was shot.

According to the police, he died on the spot.

Following the incident, a committee was set up by the police to investigate the matter which revealed the four officers as guilty. They have been arrested and dismissed from their posts.

The SHO has been sacked and a sub-inspector has been detained.





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