Outrage over WhatsApp’s new data-sharing policy

It forces users to share their data with Facebook
Jan 09, 2021

People in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world took to social media on Saturday to protest the new data-sharing policy announced by WhatsApp.

Under the new policy, WhatsApp will be sharing its user data with Facebook.

The messaging app has been collecting data on subscribers since its inception. Although Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, it has always officially stated that the two companies exist independent of each other, particularly in terms of data.

Now that they will be officially sharing the data, neither has stated what it would be used for.

Twitter users objected to the new policy and suggested Signal and Telegram as the alternatives:

Data collection website Sensor Tower reports that 500,000 new users have installed the Signal app.

Signal says it is facing technical difficulties because of the sudden surge in volume of new users.



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