Brothers from Karachi make amazing lamps, robots from pipes

They watch YouTube tutorials
Jan 07, 2021

Mustafa Haroon and his brother Moosa Haroon have proved that creativity knows no boundaries.

Their room is full of DIY projects such as lamps, robots, dinosaurs, warriors and other strange instruments, all put together using plumbing pipes. 

Mustafa told SAMAA TV's show Naya Din that he started with his creative inventions by watching tutorials on YouTube, but later they had to come up with their own ideas.

“I do all the complicated work and assign the easy tasks to my brothers,” he said.

Moosa, 12, said that their 11-year-old brother comes up with the ideas. “He has these ideas because he really likes dinosaurs,” he said. 

The brothers are being homeschooled, which gives them more time to explore their creativity. “Our parents are very supportive,” said Mustafa. “They also help us with our projects.” 

When asked if they ever had to give away one of their creations to someone who fell in love with it, Mustafa said: “I made a warrior once and I really liked it, but had to give it away.”


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