Prisoners riot during search operation at Larkana Central Jail

Rangers, police called in
Jan 07, 2021

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Prisoners at the Larkana Central Jail rioted during a search operation Thursday morning .

The prisoners came out of their barracks and began throwing stones at the police. They also set their clothes on fire in protest.

The jail superintendent said approximately 700 prisoners have mobile phones at the jail. The search operation was conducted to confiscate contraband items.

Rangers and police from across the district have been called in to control the situation. They are at the jail but a meeting is under way to decide whether to use force against the protesters.

The search operation was called off due to the riot. The police used teargas and aerial firing to disperse the protesting prisoners.

The prisoners succeeded in preventing the extra contingent of police from entering the jail.

The prisoners say they are provided no facilities in jail and if they don't give bribes, they are subjected to violence.

Prison officials take 20 to 25 bribes from us to get us the mobile phones, the prisoners said. How can they then take them back like this, they asked.

There are 1,100 prisoners at the jail.


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