FBR launches e-filing of appeals

You can use the Iris web portal for this
Jan 02, 2021

The Federal Board of Revenue has launched electronic filing of appeals by taxpayers with effect from January 1.

The system will enable taxpayers to file appeals on the FBR's Iris web portal. Both the revenue authority and taxpayers would reap the benefits of the automated system, according to the FBR.

The appeals commissioner is the first tier of appellate hierarchy provided in the Inland Revenue laws. Taxpayers having objections to decisions of the tax authorities file their first appeal before the appeals commissioner.

An FBR spokesperson called the e-filing facility a step towards automaton of revenue authority.

“In compliance with the vision of the prime minister, the FBR has collaborated with Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited for the development of software for e-filing of appeals,” the spokesperson said.

The FBR also took the input from major stakeholders such as the ICAP, ICMAP and the PTBA, the spokesperson added.




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