10 killed, 25 injured in New Karachi factory explosion

Rescue operation under way
Dec 23, 2020

Ten people were killed and 25 injured after a boiler exploded at an ice factory in New Karachi Tuesday night.

The factory is located near the Saba Cinema.

Many labourers were stuck under the rubble after the roof of the factory collapsed following the explosion. Three neighbouring factories were damaged too.

The employees said that there were 50 people working at the factory when the explosion occurred.

The bodies and injured were moved to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

There was chaos at the hospital as relatives and heirs of the factory workers kept looking for their loved ones.

"My brother, cousin and friend worked there," said a man. "I have identified two bodies and one is still missing."

The hospital said that three injured are in critical condition.

Rescue operation suspended

The rescue operation was suspended Tuesday night because of the darkness. It will resume at 9am. More casualties are expected.

The Karachi administrator came to the site to ensure the pace of the rescue work. "We don't the exact number of casualties as four factories have been damaged," he told the journalists.

'Who will bring back our child?'

Mohsin, a factory worker who died in the explosion, was the sole breadwinner of his family.

"His family was dependent on his income," said one of his relatives. "His mobile phone was stolen last night and we were constantly in touch with him. We can tolerate the loss of a mobile phone but who will bring back our child?"

The owners have conveniently fled abroad, she remarked, adding that they were never busy when they had to call people to work or assign them new tasks.

Mohsin's father said that the owners made him work a lot. "He used to go the factory on his day off too." He would always be busy with factory's work, he added.



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