Punjab's Usman Buzdar mistakes doppelganger for folk singer Allan Faqeer

Portrait given by Al Hamra Arts Council: Punjab spokesperson
Dec 07, 2020
Photo: Usman Buzdar/Facebook
Photo: Usman Buzdar/Facebook

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar mistook the portrait of folk singer Allan Faqeer's doppelganger as that of the singer himself.

During a Sindh Cultural Day celebration at Lahore's Al Hamra Arts Council, the minister got a photograph clicked with the portrait of Faqeer. However, according to reports, it was originally of a man identified as Wahid Bakhsh.

Bakhsh claimed that the portrait given to Buzdar was his. On the other hand, the Punjab government spokesperson said that they were told the picture was from the youth days of the singer.

Bakhsh said that the management of the art's council called him and promised to apologise to him in front of the media. "They went back on their word and didn't let me speak in front of the camera," he told SAMAA TV.

The provincial spokesperson clarified that picture was given to them by the management of the arts council.


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