Pakistan to fight drug addiction collectively: Prime Minister Imran Khan

Says 7 million drug users across the country
Dec 07, 2020

Pakistan will collectively fight the menace of drugs across the country, Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

During the inauguration of the Anti-Narcotic Headquarters in Rawalpindi on Monday, the premier said drugs are like a cancer that has spread into the roots of society.

"Drugs are silent killers. Unfortunately, this problem has penetrated schools. We have to collectively fight this problem," he said.

PM Khan pointed out that the police or security forces alone can't eradicate drugs or corruption from society. It is a war that the entire nation has to fight. "For crime to end, we first have to accept and acknowledge it."

Citing examples of Singapore, he said the country has managed to reach where it is today because of its eradication of crime. "Recently a leader in the country was proven corrupt," the prime minister said, "the person took his life because he knew that he will no longer be accepted by society."

Drugs and corruption are two things that can be fought when society and the government come together. "There are more than 7 million young citizens in the country who are drug addicts."

The premier pointed out that when a person becomes a drug user, their entire family suffers with them. If there are 7 million drug users in the country, it means that 7 million families are struggling, he said.

PM Khan vowed that an anti-drugs campaign will be started in the country and all ministries will play their part against narcotics. "I have heard your demands and I will start working on them in a meeting next week."

Imran Khan



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