Smog case: Punjab imposes Rs50,000 fine on stubble burning

Lahore court says strict steps necessary to control air pollution
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

The Punjab government has been instructed to impose a Rs50,000 fine on those who violate the ban on stubble burning.

The Lahore High Court resumed hearing on Thursday a case on controlling the smog situation in Punjab. The court said that strict steps will have to be taken.

The chairperson of the judicial environment commission submitted a report in court as well. It said a team visited 476 industries and
brick kilns and 170 units have been sealed.

Some farmers clear their fields by burning the stalks and husks left on the land after harvesting to prepare the land for the next round of seeding. This practice is known as stubble burning and is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution.

Smog in Lahore

Lahore was ranked the second most polluted city in the world last October when its AQI ranking shot to 328. Since then, the city of gardens has been regularly topping the AQI chart for its lowest air quality. Smog has become an annually recurring environmental threat in the provincial capital.

Smog is formed by a mixture of pollutants and water vapor in the atmosphere. It can cause health problems such as asthma, flu, coughing, allergies, bronchial infections, and heart problems.

Prolonged exposure to environmental pollution also results in shortened life expectancy. These risks may be reduced by wearing masks, managing gaseous vehicular emissions, using eco-friendly products, and reusing and recycling.


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