Pakistani short film becomes first to be streamed on Disney+

ELO has been directed by fresh graduates

Young filmmakers trying to enter the Pakistani movie industry have been facing a hard time because of a lack of opportunities. Wajahat Ali, Salik Chagani, and Syed Saad Farrukh looked for work too but after their efforts failed to bear any fruits they decided to make a movie on their own.

Their short film, Elo, has recently been picked up by Disney’s video streaming platform, Disney+.

The 28-minute long movie speaks volume about the situation of young graduates trying to make a mark in the industry.

Syed Saad Farrukh has written the movie and he is the lead actor too. Wajahat Ali has directed it while cinematography has been done by Salik Chagani and Basharat Hussain. They are all graduates of PAF-KIET.

The crew members include Usman Nasar, Anas Imran, Zain, Turrab, Meer, Ahmed and Saboor.

The team sat down with SAMAA Digital and spoke about how young filmmakers can make it big.


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