PM Imran Khan promises 'stringent' anti-rape ordinance following Kashmore incident

Says new law will overcome all loopholes
Nov 14, 2020
Photo: Online
Photo: Online

Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Saturday that his government will bring a "stringent and holistic" anti-rape ordinance by next week to overcome all loopholes in the legal proceedings in rape cases.

The decision has been taken following the Kashmore gangrape incident. Three men were arrested for raping a woman and her four-year-old daughter after luring them with a Rs40,000 job in Kashmore.

An assistant sub-inspector in Kashmore, identified as Muhammad Bux, took it upon himself to arrest the rapists. The ASI asked his wife talk to the accused and pretend to be the woman they asked for and then sent his daughter with the victim to lure him, Kashmore SSP Amjad Ali Shaikh told SAMAA Digital over the phone.

ASI Buriro and his daughter showed "exemplary initiative and courage in the arrest of Kashmore rapists", said the premier in his tweet. "The nation is proud of them and he has given positive uplift to the image of the police."

On Friday, Rafique Malak, the main suspect in the gang-rape case, was shot dead, the police announced. Malak has been killed, SSP Amjad Ali Shaikh confirmed to SAMAA TV. He was in police custody on three-day judicial remand. Larkana DIG Nasir Aftab also confirmed the news.

Kashmore case

Police said a group of suspects lured the woman, who is from Karachi, with the promise of a Rs40,000 job in Kashmore. The woman and suspects met at a hospital in Karachi.

The FIR says that the woman was offered a job on October 25. She travelled there with the men and her four-year-old daughter. The men then detained the pair at Malak’s residence in Kashmore and gang-raped the woman.

They then released her but kept her daughter, telling her to bring the woman who was with her during their meeting at the hospital in exchange for the child. They threatened to murder her daughter if the woman did not comply.

The woman approached the police in Kashmore, who conducted a raid at Malak’s residence. They saw three men, two of whom they identified on the spot as Muhammad Rafique Malak and Khairullah Bugti. They did not know the third man.

All three fled when they saw the police and jumped over a wall but Malak landed on a pile of bricks, injuring his legs. The police were able to arrest him but the other two fled. However, the police team has said on record that they will be able to identify the other two on sight.

The police found the child inside and Malak confessed that he had raped her because he was “furious” at her mother. The police confirmed that there were marks of violence on the child that made it apparent that she had been raped. Both the mother and child were shifted to the Taluka Hospital Kashmore.

The case was registered against Malak at the Kashmore police station under sections 376 (rape), 344 (wrongful confinement), 420 (cheating and dishonesty) and 34 (common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code. It has been registered on behalf of the State. Sections of the Anti-Terrorism Act have now also been included.




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