Sanam Marvi returns home from hospital after anxiety attack

She said she misses her sons

Folk singer Sanam Marvi returned home on Wednesday after being rushed to the hospital due to low blood pressure and a severe anxiety attack.

Taking to her official Facebook account, Marvi shared that she has been suffering from severe depression and anxiety because she is not with her sons. The singer also shared pictures from the hospital.

“A few days ago, it was my children Mustafa Ali and Ward Ali’s birthdays while they were away from me,” said the Hairaan Hua singer. “What's even worse is that the schools are open, but my eldest son Behlool Ali has been barred from attending school and is forced to sing.” She remarked that the situation is painful.

While sharing details about her recent hospital visit, Marvi added that she was taken to the hospital due to anxiety attacks and high blood pressure, despite taking her medicine regularly.

"After monitoring for a few hours, I recovered completely and have returned home," she said.

After she posted about her health, her fans and friends have been commenting and sending good wishes for a speedy recovery.

She later went live on Facebook and thanked those who prayed for her and inquired about her health. Marvi remarked that since a smile can hide a lot of pain, ordinary people don’t really believe that a person is suffering from depression.

She also referred to Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case. The actor who was found dead in his Bandra apartment on June 14 was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression.

Marvi also added that she is praying for her relatives and sister, even though they are writing things against her. “I pray for them but my only advice is to research before writing anything,” she said.

In February, Marvi and her husband Hamid Ali officially parted ways after a Lahore family court approved of Marvi’s request for khula.

Marvi had filed for khula on February 8. She accused Ali of domestic abuse.

She claimed that Ali started to abuse her in front of their children. “I tolerated abuse from my husband for the sake of my kids,” she said.

The couple has three children together. Marvi married Ali after her former husband Aftab Ahmed was killed in Karachi the same year.


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