IVS appoints new dean, focuses on liberal arts expansion

Position had been vacant for over a year

The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi has appointed Dr Faiza Mushtaq as its new Dean/Executive Director. She will start her tenure January 1, 2021, concluding six years as an assistant professor at the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi. 

The positions of Dean and Executive Director have now been combined, having previously been occupied by Dr Asma Abbas and Sameena Raees Khan respectively. Dr Mushtaq’s appointment comes after a year of vacancy for the dean’s position, while the preceding Executive Director’s term had also concluded recently. 

With a strong academic background in Sociology, Dr Mushtaq spearheaded the growth of social sciences at IBA, serving as an Assistant Professor and the Chairperson of its Social Sciences and Liberal Arts programme. Her focus at IVS will be on strengthening the liberal arts component and developing a rigorous academic environment for students.

“This is a significant moment in the school’s history for growth and diversification,” Dr Mushtaq told Samaa Digital. “Students need to learn how to read critically and have a deeper understanding in subjects like literature and philosophy and history to complement their skills in the arts.” 

Drawing on her previous experience of developing curricula from scratch, Dr Mushtaq hopes to recruit world class faculty to teach in a “nourishing and supportive environment.” She wants to capitalise on the potential she sees in a rich liberal arts curriculum flourishing at IVS. 

“Structural changes will come gradually after building trust with the team and getting to know faculty and students better,” she said. “Once I start my tenure I’ll be able to decide what components need more work.”

She will continue her year-long, collaborative research project that is assessing the impact of lockdown on families caused by the novel coronavirus. 

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