This Pakistani designer wants women to dress like Halima Sultan

Rabia Kashif got her inspiration from drama ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’
Nov 16, 2020

Fashion design is a field where it seems quite difficult to make a name for oneself without a professional degree or financial support, but Lahore’s designer Rabia Kashif has beat all odds.

Inspired by Halima Sultan, a character in popular Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi, Kashif has launched her latest clothing line and people cannot stop admiring her work.

I started my business after burning all the boats to fulfill my passion, Kashif told SAMAA Digital. Investing all her savings, it took her three years to make a name for herself. “One thing that I have learned in these years is to never give up because it is up to God whom he wants to give honour to," said the designer.

After hearing a lot about the drama Ertugrul Ghazi she initially started watching out of curiosity. “With every episode, my interest grew and that inspired me to pay tribute to Halima Sultan by designing a clothing line inspired by her style,” shared Kashif.

The designer remarked that she didn't do extra special research for her clothing line; all the designs were made just by watching the drama. “I didn't think of anything special, but when I started working, I got better on my own,” she said.

Kashif never intended to make a profit out of her clothing line. "I designed these clothes only to highlight and pay tribute to Turkish culture," said the designer.

She also considers that it’s her good fortune that she met model Hina Afridi, who modeled for the collection. Afridi, who is now the official face of ‘Dastan Apparel’, met Kashif randomly.

“Afridi became the perfect choice for the shoot right after I met her,” she shared. "I had no idea that I would get a face this similar to Halima Sultan." After launching the clothing line, many people approached Kashif and told her Afridi looks very similar to Halima Sultan (Esra Bilgiç).

Paying tribute to the collection and impressed by Kashif’s views, Afridi did not charge a single penny for the shoot.


Ertugrul Ghazi


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