Bengal tiger dies at Peshawar Zoo

Over 20 animals at the zoo have died this year: report
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

A Bengal tiger at the Peshawar Zoo died on Tuesday.

According to the project director of the zoo, two days back, the tiger was severely injured after getting into a fight with another tiger it was sharing an enclosure with.

"The tiger was provided medical aid and injections but due to extensive internal bleeding it couldn't sustain the injuries and passed away," he said.

The director added that such incidents take place when animals are put into the same enclosure. "It's difficult to keep them separately due to a lack of resources."

Following the death, the forest minister of the province called in an emergency meeting.

According to reports, over 20 animals at the zoo have passed away in the last nine months. These animals include wild cats, zebras, wild bears, deer and cheetah.

Earlier this year in August, a number of people in Peshawar filed a joint petition at the Peshawar High Court against the negligence of the city’s zoo administration, which they claimed has resulted in the deaths of multiple animals.

The petitioners requested that the condition of the zoo should be upgraded as per international standards and animals not suited to the climate of Peshawar should be shifted to a sanctuary or some other zoo in Pakistan.

Throughout the year, multiple incidents have surfaced of disturbing deaths of animals. The construction of the Peshawar zoo was met with opposition by multiple civil society and animal rights organisations in 2018. The government, however, did not take them into consideration.

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