Karachi Saddar market updates innovations in AC, fridge, washing machine

Companies advise customers to buy from official dealers only
Sep 30, 2020
Photo: SAMAA Digital
Photo: SAMAA Digital

This is the latest update from Karachi’s Electronics Market in Saddar where international home appliance manufacturing companies are launching new products and local companies are focusing on improving the quality of their existing ranges.


International brands such as Dawlance and Haier are working on inverter technology by introducing European compressors which allow the appliance to run on 135 volts. They are doing this because Pakistani consumers need fridges that will not get burnt during low voltage fluctuations and can even work on UPS during load shedding or power outages. They have also introduced built-in stabilizers so that the fridges are not damaged from voltage fluctuations.

The prices of these fridge range from Rs65,000 to Rs72,000 and the manufacturers claim they help save up to Rs4,500 per year in electricity bills. They offer 10-year warranties.


“Many manufacturing companies tell their customers that they will only be able to claim the warranty if they buy the appliance from an official dealer,” said dealer Muhammad Shahid. “But even if they receive a claim from a customer who bought from a non-dealer, the company has to provide service because it doesn’t want to damage its brand name.”

He was of the opinion that such companies should ideally send their agents to their dealers to make sure their product is not sold to other traders. This practice leaves the consumer vulnerable to buying a tampered product. Some reputed international brands make the effort to ensure that

compromised products are not sold in the market with non-dealers. 

Tip: If you wish to buy from an official dealer, just go to the company’s website where they are listed. Many shops may put the company logo on their shop front signs but this does not mean they are an official dealer. You can always ask for a certificate.

Air Conditioners

Companies that make air conditioners are also working on low-electricity consumption products with fresh technology. They have launched an AC which works on direct current or DC electricity so that it can run on low voltages. Its price range is around Rs70,000.


According to traders, customers prefer ACs by companies that provide good after-sales service.

Washing machines

Companies are introducing new designs with glass lids and scratch proof body to increase resistance. They have also added features such as shower rinse and wide impellers to help remove stain efficiently by allowing detergent to mix better.  


Price range of semi-automatic washing machines with the same features is around Rs23,000.



International companies have launched built-in wifi microwave ovens through which they can be controlled from anywhere. A mobile phone app will control the oven, making it a smart microwave oven. Now dinner could be kept in the oven before leaving the house and while returning home the oven could be commanded through the app to start defrosting so that dinner is ready when reached home. It is priced at Rs15,800.  Traders said that there was no innovation being reported from local manufacturers such as PEL, Toyo, and Super Asia as they are more focused on maintaining their quality, according to traders.



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