You asked: How can parents and children survive online schooling?

We got answers from a psychologist
Nov 30, 2020

The 38-year-old mother was going out of her mind. Her otherwise intelligent son, a ten-year-old, had failed the term and was losing interest.
She posted on the mummy WhatsApp groups and didn’t get much help. She posted on Facebook anonymously. Then people slowly opened up: online school was driving them all crazy.
“People are slow to acknowledge that yes, they are also going through that,” she told SAMAA Digital. She said she was worried. “The marks are going downhill. The children aren't interested in studying. It's a battle to get them to their desks, to be interested if a test is coming up, to care about their work.” This mother is based in Karachi but parents across Pakistan are learning the hard way that online classes are the new normal. We spoke to Mahnoor Shaikh, a clinical psychologist, about the frustration expressed by this mother and asked her for a bit of counseling and answers.


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