Atiqa Odho also wants Pyaar Kay Sadqay Season 2

She also discussed the alcohol possession case on Instagram
Aug 24, 2020
Photo: File
Photo: File

Actor Atiqa Odho gave her fans a ray of hope for season two of Pyaar Kay Sadqay.

In an Instagram Live session, she spoke about the drama and being acquitted in an alcohol possession case after nine years.

In June 2011 two bottles of alcohol were allegedly found in Odho’s luggage at the Islamabad airport, following which then chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhary took notice and ordered a case to be registered. Nine years later, after the verdict of the pending case was announced, the actor discussed it in detail during an Instagram Live session.

She said she was hosting the live session to thank them for staying by her side through difficult times. Nine years later I got justice, 207 hearings took place and 17 judges heard the case, this was the longest case of the Rawalpindi courts, she said. “I didn’t become hopeless because I knew it was these courts that would give me justice.”

According to Odho, being labelled “the accused” was a huge blow for her as everyone knew the case was political. Now it is my responsibility to share nine years of experience because if there is any benefit from this, it is a national interest, she said.  

“Never focus on the negative. I thought at the start that no matter what, I’ll stay positive and get through this. For recognizing the injustice and then giving me the justice I must thank all the judges, as well as my family, friends, media and showbiz for supporting me.”

During this time I became aware of my inner strength and realised society is very generous, she said, asking why we don’t recognise the good things instead of focusing on criticism. “I found many people who supported me.”

Speaking about the recently finished drama Pyaar Kay Sadqay, Odho said she had already spoken to director Farooq Rind. If you all think Pyaar Kay Sadqay season two should happen, I request you all to spread the message that you want a second season, she urged. “Spread the message because I think Mansoora’s work isn’t done yet. You became fond of Mansoora in the final two episodes, if I hadn’t started fighting from the start then this wouldn’t be the case.”

Every character in Pyaar Kay Sadqay is delivering a powerful message, she said, adding that the cast would love it if a season two was made. “Yumna and Bilal’s work can be advanced in season two, Sarwar can be seen too, Mansoora’s big story can be opened up further and there’s much potential to work on Shamma’s character.”

The actor added that because of the coronavirus, the production of two films has been halted, even though shooting and dubbing is complete. Kahay Dil Jidhar had the character of an anti-narcotics officer that I had a lot of fun playing, she said, adding that the other film was Nilofer in which Fawad Khan is the main character.

Odho also hosts a weekly show with actor Nauman Ijaz called A and N.

Atiqa Odho


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