Top lawyers' bodies criticise Supreme Court for 'targeting' Sindh government

Say no institution has the right to insult its mandate
Aug 13, 2020

Top lawyers' bodies criticised on Thursday the Supreme Court of Pakistan for "targeting" the Sindh government, saying that this attitude was detrimental to the constitution and the democratic process.

"There are over 45,000 cases pending in the Supreme Court," said Pakistan Bar Council Vice-chairman Abid Saqi, while addressing a joint press conference in Islamabad. "One should first put their own house in order."

Syed Qalb-e-Hassan, the president of Supreme Court Bar Association, said the Sindh government dealt with the coronavirus pandemic better than the rest of the provincial governments.

The federal government was looking for a chance to "sabotage all these achievements," according to Hassan. He said the attorney general must not act like representative of a political party.

"The chief justice should safeguard the democratic values," the SCBA president said. "Decisions about political parties are made in the courts of people."

He said the Sindh government was being targeted at a time when circumstances in the rest of Pakistan were not that good either.

"The Sindh government was given a mandate by the people," Hassan said. "The Constitution of Pakistan does not give a mandate to any institution to insult the mandate of the Sindh government."

The SCBA condemns undemocratic statements and stands by the Sindh government, he said.


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