This Pakistani man has travelled to 16 countries on motorcycle

His next destination is Saudi Arabia
Aug 03, 2020

Mukkaram Tareen, a 55-year-old resident of Lahore, went big when he decided to travel more than 16 countries on his motorbike.

Sri Lanka, Russia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Singapore and Iran are some of the countries that he has visited. Not just abroad, Tareen and his motorcycle have also seen each and every city of Pakistan.

"I didn't just go abroad for sight-seeing, but also worked with multiple charity organisations there," he said. "When I meet people abroad, I talk to them about Pakistan and its beautiful tourist destinations and invite them over here."

Tareen has a lot of international fan following of travel lovers and enthusiasts. Bikers from across the world make sure to visit him when they come to Pakistan. Tareen takes them sightseeing and often camps with them as well.

According to him, his bike is his most favourite companion on all his trips. He has an expensive collection of motorcycles that are very dear to him. "Before setting off for a trip, I make sure my travel companion is geared up for the journey as well," he said.

The next destination Tareen plans to embark on is Saudi Arabia where he aims to perform Umrah.

"My goals is to take Pakistan's flag to each country I visit and plant it there," he remarked. "I want to work extensively for tourism in the country."



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