Bushra Ansari apologises to drama critics, says she overreacted

Actor said we all have a responsibility to be kind
Jul 11, 2020
Photo: Instagram/@ansari.bushra
Photo: Instagram/@ansari.bushra

Actor Bushra Ansari has apologised to drama critics and fans for her outburst last month. The actor was trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Here’s what happened: Ansari left a harsh comment on a review of her drama serial, Zebaish, by YouTube channel Amma TV Aur Mein by Momin Ali Munshi and his mother Lubna Faryad. The idea behind the show is to review Pakistani dramas through the lens of an ordinary mom watching television.

The reviews are supposed to be humorous, blunt and representative of what the common Pakistani woman thinks of the dramas she is watching.

Since then the comment has been deleted. Last week, Faryad also posted a response to Ansari. She said that she was overwhelmed by the love and support of her fans.

Taking to Instagram to explain herself, Bushra said that when an artist, writer, director or producer work on a project, it becomes a part of them. She said it was “like a child for them that they create with love for their audience.” Keeping this in mind, the actor said that it hurts when someone ridicules your hard work. “I believe that everyone has a right to like or dislike our work but language is important,” she added.

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A positive wave for all of us. #bekindtoall

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“I realize that last week, I overreacted and wrote harsh words on Instagram. In a moment, I realized my mistake and deleted it but in the time of social media, it became a tamasha and sadly, spread like fire,” she said.

Addressing her fans and the Munshi family, Bushra said that she had no hard feelings for anyone. “I would like to clarify that being a proud Punjabi, I have always enjoyed bringing the colours of Punjabi humour in my roles. It is my mother tongue and some of my best roles are Punjabi characters,” she said.

Bushra Ansari

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